340g (12 oz) Herefordshire set honey

This beautiful single-hive honey is made by bees foraging from commons, fields, orchards and hedgerows throughout the scenic South Herefordshire countryside.

Not heated, blended or adulterated in any way, each jar is unique depending on the time of year.

The hives this honey is harvested from are maintained using chemical-free methods of pest and disease control.

By purchasing this honey, you are supporting a local Herefordshire beekeeper, as well as the bee population, and the quality of crops, flora and fauna.

340g (12oz)

Not suitable for children under 12 months

Diabetics should seek advice before consumption.

Store at room temperature, do not refrigerate.

Do not heat above 43 degrees celsius (110 F) as this will begin to destroy the pollen, enzymes and antioxidants present in real honey.

Herefordshire Set Honey 340g (12oz)