Botanic Nº7 is a distilled vodka spirit infused with seven botanicals foraged throughout the year from Gattertop’s ancient orchards, hedgerows, fields, woodlands and garden.

The herbs, leaves, blossom, plants and fruit from Gemma’s recipe, are distilled in small batches in traditional copper pot stills and infused to capture a truly considered and authentic ‘year round’ product.

Steeped in history dating back to 1086, we believe the heritage of this fertile land adds a unique flavour to our fruit and botanicals.

Botanic Nº7 is a natural, smooth and subtle spirit of exceptional taste.

Flavour rooted in the historic orchards and hedgerows of Gattertop.


Botanic No 7 allows the natural flavours of each of the botanics to take hold of the vodka in their own right whilst still providing that clean, crisp and untainted taste.


The flavour profile has been led by nature; the chosen botanicals provide the opportunity for discovery of new, unusual flavours that sit outside the juniper base.

The flavours of damson blossom, rosemary, basil, elderflower, nettle, coriander and lemon offer a well balanced drink, that is interesting and complex in spirit, with the right level of sweetness & acidity to carry the botanicals.


An initial nose of vanilla followed by a well rounded herb aroma with a spiced, earthy undertone.

Fresh and well-rounded with a hint of citrus, encapsulating nostalgic seasonality of a vibrant orchard and country garden with a long elegant finish.

Serving Suggestions

  1. Botanic No 7 will appeal to both vodka and gin drinkers who enjoy a healthier, low calorie drink.
  2. Try a number of highball options – our favourites being an elderflower collins or a mule with mint.
  3. Try elderflower, pink grapefruit or cucumber tonic for a more complex yet naturally delicious flavour. Equally as delicious with a classic or light tonic.
  4. For a perfect pick-me-up, the botanicals add an additional depth to a Bloody Mary. Botanic No 7 also works perfectly with a wealth of other cocktails.
Image of botanic no7

Botanic No7 Botanical Vodka