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Dear Herefordshire Businesses

We have been developing Local e Sourced over the past 12 months. It was due to be launched later in the year. However, due to the extreme measures put in place we have had to bring this date forward. We did this so we help out many businesses in Herefordshire. We believe it will offer a lifeline to many local businesses.

As Herefordshire business owners ourselves we know what you are currently going through. In true Herefordian style we will pull together. Coming under one roof / banner we can get a selection of goods out to each other. Doing so by using a delivery service through a single online local shopping platform. Thus allowing the customer / consumer to have the easiest shopping experience. Plus they’ll have all their favourite Herefordshire products in one place. This will bring the supplier-based business community together and enhance product sales.

How it Will Work

The plan is to cover all things Herefordshire. However at this crucial time food and drink will be our starting point. When the current situation improves, we will be looking to supply Herefordians with the array of products that our fantastic, local Herefordshire-based companies produce.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Local e Sourced and selling your product via our one-stop shop platform, please get in touch. We have a downloadable Welcome Pack PDF which you can also view on Issuu. It should contain all the information you need, however if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us direct. These are incredibly tough times for all businesses. We’ve set up Local e Sourced to help you reach more customers by putting a range of suppliers and products together under one roof.

191,000 Population

With a population of 191,000, Herefordshire boasts a vast range of fine food, drinks and other goods to cater for all tastes and budgets

Local Suppliers

We have partnered with local, quality suppliers so far to provide you with everything you could need during lockdown

100% Quality Assured

We have hand picked the suppliers we want to partner with, Each supplier has high quality, some even award-winning products delivered to your door.